Jason Earles - March 2, 2007

Here are some of the highlights from the Interview.

Raul: You’re part of Hannah Montana, the show that I absolutely can’t get enough of.

Jason Earles: Yes and it is a very fun show to be a part of. I play Jackson on the show, the kind of crazy, zany older brother. I get Miley into a lot of trouble, but I think I get her out of just as much trouble.

Raul: You really do and that’s the fun part about it because it also shows how family’s can be together despite the craziness of you and the garbage disposal in an episode among other problems.

Jason Earles: Yeah, I think it does a really good job of focusing on more than just… like a lot of shows can really just be stuck in the school and this does a good job of sorta getting into the brain of the family and seeing how the whole family works even when she’s not being Hannah. It’s just her every day life.

Raul: And it’s such a... the cast on the show is so perfect. All of you guys are so great together.

Jason Earles: Yeah, I think we’ve got really good chemistry. We could kind of tell… I could kinda of tell maybe two or three days into the rehearsal process for the pilot that there was going to be really fun chemistry and that everyone was going to play really well together and it’s turned out that way.

Raul: And it shows up on the screen because, it’s so much fun watching the stuff with you and Moises is always hysterical!

Jason Earles: Yeah, Moises is one of my favorite characters that they’ve added. Tiny little pint size guy and for some reason he’s always in a position of authority over me and it’s like he takes the greatest pleasure in making me miserable and it ends up being really funny.