Dean Wendt - November 10, 2006

Here are some of the highlights from the Interview.

Tommy: Dean it's good to hear from you it's been awhile.

Dean Wendt: Yes it has been a long while.

Tommy: Now Radio Disney is celebrating its 10th Birthday. You were part of the morning show for pretty much the first half of those 10 years. Why don't you tell us how you got involved with the product and what that first year was like?

Dean Wendt: Well, there were actually three of us when we first started. There was Robin Jones who is now, I don't know what her title is now but she's pretty much running the whole thing and Scott McCarthy, he went on to bigger and better things at Disney and me. So we decided we wanted to have a kids show that was countering like KISS FM and all those stations out there that were Top 40 but a little too adult. So we did a demo and we produced it with like various kid bits which are still on the air. Which actually still made it through and music and we sent it to Michael Eisner's 'no man' because he said 'No' to everthing and he said yes. So Michael Eisner gaves us three stations.... five stations

Tommy: Four stations

Dean Wendt: Four stations for a test market and those were Minneapolis, Atlanta, Birmingham and was it Utah somewhere I think?

Tommy: Yeah, Salt Lake City.

Dean Wendt: Yeah, so that was fun it was hectic we only had like, I think it was we were going to go on the air in October or September or something like that and I was doing some research on the Top 5 lists and I found out that Mickey Mouses birthday pretty much was November, like November 18th. So I told them, maybe we should start the station on the 18th to coincide with Mickey Mouses birthday. So that's why they started it on the 18th.